Free Sex Chat International is all about providing a fun place for adults to communicate and conversate with one another @. We are able to provideĀ  free chat rooms and forums along with other communication means by running ads on the side of our website or within the chat room itself. We do not require or even ask that you click on or view the ads but rather wanted to let you know why they are there. We worked heard to bring you and the rest of the web this website and will continue to improve upon it as time goes on and new comunications methods are developed. We hope you enjoy our website as much as we did making it for you and the rest of the internet and please by all means if anyone has any suggestions let us know we would love to hear them.

We do ask that you read of privacy policy and terms of service before posting anything in our chat rooms or forums and you behave yourself like a lady or gentlemen and nothing less. We also ask that you consider installing parental software on your computer if you are a parent to prevent any chance of little ones from visiting the site by accident on your computer. If you are a known sex offended than we also ask that you leave our website now and never come back. With that said enjoy Free Sex Chat International.


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